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TOO MANY people accept their current situation as the norm, we understand that making a change is scary!

  • We realize that fitness is about more than looks. It's about living a healthy fulfilling life.

  • Wherever you are on your fitness journey we'll to meet you where you're at.

  • We're focused on helping busy adults lead more active and healthy lives.

We are a locally owned private Private Personal Training gym, helping people over 40 improve their health and fitness, with pain-free workouts that boost their longevity, serving Zebulon and the surrounding areas.




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Get To Know Huw

As a graduate of the class of '99 at the Premier Personal Training and Sports Therapy in Cardiff (Wales), I never imagined that it would result in meeting my wife working on the prestigious Princess Cruise line, working with athletes and celebrities at the Celtic Manor Resort, and meeting some incredible people along the way, and raising a family in the USA.

My journey as a fitness professional initially started for personal sports performance, but witnessing firsthand the transformative effects of exercise became my passion. From assisting an 87-year-old stroke patient in walking down the aisle with her child hood sweetheart, to supporting individuals recovering from hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle surgeries, and aiding in the fitness journey for police, fire, and military recruitment, every moment is a source of motivation. Helping bereaved mothers regain confidence and control, or even simple joys like painting toenails after years, these are the moments that drive me each morning.

My mission is to empower people to succeed in becoming their best selves. Ultimately, I aim to enhance the longevity of our community, enabling individuals to move, live, and play better.

Meet Huw

I started in fitness by playing sports and learning how to train well and improving my game and competitive edge in Tae Kwon Do, Soccer & Rugby. Wanting to know more I got and certified in Personal Training with Premier Training and development (UK).

This profession has led me to coaching and meeting many wonderful people from Wales (UK) to half way around the world to the USA, to finally settling in Zebulon, NC.

Having worked in the industry for 25 years. I saw a chance to venture out on my own, continuing to help people reaching their fitness goals and improving their quality of life.

My mission with Functional Fitness 360 is to help you live a longer, stronger, and healthier life, delivering pain-free workouts in a safe, fun and private setting.

Huw Meyrick

Owner & Coach

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Had my first training session with Huw on January 22nd. During my strategy session he told me to take out a dress I couldn't fit and place it where I could see it daily. Unknown to him I had recently ordered a dress, in my size (at least was my size) and I could not zip it to the top. In addition to being 20 pounds over my average weight I was winded most days going up stairs, sore in my joint areas & having extreme pain on my right side when sleeping at night. Restless and anxious was my daily. In five weeks I'm happy to report I sleep through the night, I don't get winded going up and down stairs, definition has returned to most of my upper body and I was able to zip that dress for my good friends wedding this past weekend February 24th (pictured). Loving this fitness journey and the intricate details of the workouts that Huw has for each individual client. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

Carol Davis

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I’ve had such a great time at Functional Fitness! Huw is awesome and always knows how to challenge and encourage me! It’s only been 3 weeks and I can already feel a difference, and I know I’ll see a difference soon! I 10/10 recommend this amazing facility and experience ! :)


Ruby Helm

I've been working out with Huw for a couple months now and I haven't felt this good in awhile. He pushes you to be your best self.


Kameron Thompson

At the age of 67, I never thought I would join a gym and actually work out with weights. But, I realized that aging requires one to build strength and maintain balance and flexibility. So, I found functional fitness 360 and Huw. What a pleasant surprise on so many fronts. Huw tailors workouts to my needs, keeps them challenging yet fun, and progresses at a reasonable pace. The atmosphere at the gym is positive, nurturing, and fun. Go for it all!


Janice Aquino

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