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Jamie Butler

I hate gyms. But I feel very comfortable at Functional Fitness 360. The space is unique, the people are friendly and I get the personal assistance I need to feel confident and want to continue. Huw...

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Adrienne Edmonds

I've been working out at Functional Fitness 360 for a couple of months now and have noticed several positive changes with how I feel and look. I've had some bad hip/back pain for the last year and a h...

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Kayleigh Rolison

I recently started going to functional fitness because a friend who loves it gave me a pass for a 30-day free trial. It has exceeded my expectations. Huw is a wonderful trainer who takes into consider...

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Priscilla Erwin

First class is in the books and I feel incredible! Huw is a fantastic personal trainer who really takes the time to offer instruction and asks for appropriate feedback. He has been extremely flexible ...

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Stephanie Johnson

I love coming here! The atmosphere is great and Huw is an amazing trainer! I feel as if the goals I set for myself are closer now that I have been attending classes here. The 360 shred class can be pr...

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Kelly Felts Kieffer

Functional Fitness with Huw is for everyone! After having my first child, my body was not responding to diet and exercise as it used to. I got so discouraged and struggled until I joined this gym! H...

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Semi Private Personal Training near Zebulon

Semi-Private Personal Training

Our Semi Private Personal Training combines the best of both worlds in one revolutionary program. With custom-tailored training, expert coaches, and a few fellow members to keep you motivated and accountable, Functional Fitness 360 is your source for functional fitness and community!

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Semi Private Personal Training near Zebulon

Small Group Fitness

Our Small Group Fitness classes are designed to make sure you never get lost in the crowd. We offer hands-on instruction that is tailored to your unique skill set. Learn more about everything we have to offer in Zebulon.

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Nutrition Coaching

Take on the best Nutrition Coaching in Zebulon. We're customizing every aspect of this system to help you see real results and sustain them like never before. Learn more today!

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We Know What It Feels Like When You’re Frustrated At Not Seeing Results

Functional Fitness 360 is the perfect solution in Zebulon and the surrounding areas for busy adults 40 to 60 years of age who are looking to get strong, be active, and live their best years.

Our mission at Functional Fitness 360 is to change the way fitness is done. Your Personal Training program will be designed, based on the results of your movement patterns, training history, and goals. We’ll help you to move better, play better and live better.

Since graduating from Premier Training and Development in Personal Training and Sports Therapy Rehabilitation in the UK, we have coached over 1,000 clients in the UK and in the US. So, we understand the struggles you may be facing with your health and fitness, and you’re not alone we got your back!

Start your fitness journey today, and let us take care of you while you take care of your loved ones.

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Experience a better quality life with increased energy to seize the day.

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Start your day feeling free from aches and pains.

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Unleash your full potential and enjoy all your favorite activities with loved ones.

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